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About EBM Group

The basic pillar of the EBM Group's success is the functioning synergy of the team of professionals who share the same values and develops sophisticated, high value-added projects that improve not only the quality of life but also the environment.

Our companies

A team of professionals

Ľubomír Vais

Ľubomír Vais

Founder and Owner of the EBM Group

Ľubomír is the Founder of the EBM Group and the father of the idea to build a strong group of companies providing complete services in the field of construction and real estate. With the vision of preparing and implementing projects with functional and architectural added value, he founded the first of the EBM Group companies in 1998.

His entrepreneurial instinct, his ability to put together a strong team of professionals and his life credo "Every problem is a disguised opportunity" was the basis of a decision that moved the whole group and individual companies to further development.

Now it focuses mainly on the development of the group, the preparation of interesting projects and the diversification of investments with maximum use of the benefits resulting from the synergy effects of the companies in the EBM Group.

Jakub Vais

Jakub Vais

CEO of the EBM Group

Jakub began his career in 2006 as a sales manager in a design company run and co-owned by his father. Together with him, in 2010 they decided to build their own top company in the field of design and engineering, which marked the beginning of the modern history of EBM.

Until 2020, he worked in all companies in executive positions. At EBM Expert, he was the sales director for all contracts and at the same time participated in the management and development of the company. As Director of Development, EBM Partner was primarily responsible for acquisitions and product definitions that he brings to the market. In 2016, he was behind the idea of adding a general contractor group, EBM Construct, which he also managed executive.

In connection with the change of structure in 2020, when the position of executive directors was filled in all companies, Jakub moved to the role of CEO of the entire EBM group, where he can best use his potential to perceive synergies in construction activities and ensure maximum efficiency for projects stemming from the EBM group. With the competencies from the owner, he coordinates the group's strategy in the areas of marketing, human resources, finance, and operations.

Jirka Kašek

Jirka Kašek

Chief Financial Officer of the EBM Group

Jirka oversees the economic sense of the prepared and implemented projects across the group and provides financing for their implementation. Its primary intention is to create a sufficiently diversified and stable financing structure, both for the implementation of these projects and the smooth operation of the individual executive companies of the EBM Group.

After joining EBM in 2012, he immediately became involved in the preparation and implementation of senior business projects and helped set the principles of long-term cooperation with banks and selected co-investors.

He bases his decisions on extensive experience from previous positions in the Czech Republic and abroad, where he has dealt with real estate financing, preparation of financial and debt transactions on capital markets, risk management, investor relations and the rating business.

Jan Šulc

Jan Šulc

CEO of EBM Partner

Jan's task is to unify development and project management activities, set up system processes and prepare the company for growth in the segment of residential development and rental housing.

He came to EBM from Skanska Property Czech Republic, a developer of administrative projects in the Czech Republic, where he worked for nine years. As a project director, he has been responsible for project management in operations in the Czech Republic since 2017. In the last year, he has also played this role for projects within the Skanska Group on the Hungarian market.

He studied civil engineering at the Czech Technical University in Prague. After graduating, he gained practical experience in the implementation of constructions as a construction manager and project manager at Goldbeck Bau - a general contractor for logistics facilities.

David Vais

David Vais

CEO of Logport Development

David founded Logport in 2018 with the idea of reviving old and disused areas in cities through the construction of modern commercial zones supporting key urban infrastructure.

He is mainly involved in the strategy, but he also deals with the day-to-day running of the company. Prior to its founding, David held several commercial real estate market positions in Central and Eastern Europe.

Barbora Nováková

Barbora Nováková

CEO of EBM Office

Barbora has been working in the group since 2013, when she joined the economic and operational department. In 2018, she was appointed director of the newly formed EBM Office.

She stood at all the major milestones of the group, and this allows her to perceive the diverse needs of individual companies and to adapt the settings of the necessary back-office processes to them. It thus provides the quality background necessary for the effective functioning of the entire group.

In addition to being responsible for the high level of quality of the services provided, Barbora is responsible for planning and evaluating economic indicators.

Our values



To build a strong group of companies focused on architecture, development, and construction, the first of the group's companies was established.


The period up to 2010 was filled with gaining and deepening experience in engineering and project management, market analysis, new opportunities and waiting for the right moment to launch projects in the field of social services.


With the establishment of the development company EBM Partner, the EBM group is established, which is starting to build a position among the leaders in the construction market with increasingly important contracts and projects.


At the end of 2014, the company GrandPark was established, which was a tenant in Housing Centers for the Elderly built by EBM Partner and at the same time a provider of social and health services for the elderly.


Due to greater efficiency and control of construction costs of EBM group projects, the company EBM Construct is established - a general contractor of constructions for the group's projects as well as for external clients.


The senior centres and their operator, GrandPark, were sold to the multinational SeneCura / ORPEA group, and all energy and funds were focused on building a strong group in the construction industry. EBM Rent was established for the real estate service of the group's projects.


To provide operational, personnel, economic and marketing services to the entire EBM Group, the EBM Office company is established, and thus a group of mutually synergistic companies that can independently perform all activities from project planning to its implementation.


The first public issue of EBM Partner 6.75 / 23 bonds in the amount of CZK 160 million was issued. The acquisition of the Erbenova Rezidence and Villa Resort Kolovraty projects took place.


With the acquisition of a 49% stake in Logport Development, EBM Partner enters the segment of commercial zones and urban logistics. CBS Pardubice and its sale to the Alzheimercentrum group were completed. Logport is completing the acquisition of a 150,000 m2 plot of land in Jinočany.


The acquisition of the Villa Resort Beroun project and land in Kladno with a total area of over 50,000 m2, on which EBM will build a new city district with more than 600 residential and rental units.

Economic indicators

CZK 560 million

Aggregate accounting turnover of EBM Group companies for the year 2020

CZK 750 million

Aggregate book value of assets of EBM Group companies as of 31 December 2020

CZK 1,220 million

Aggregate realized sales value of completed EBM Group's own real estate projects as of 31 December 2020

CZK 3,800 million

Aggregate projected sales value of the EBM Group's residential projects in the preparation and construction phase as of 31 August 2021

CZK 1,870 million

Aggregate accounting turnover of EBM Group companies since 2011

2 600 mil. Kč

Souhrnná projektovaná prodejní hodnota vlastních projektů skupiny EBM v segmentu městské logistiky ve fázi přípravy a výstavby k 31. 12. 2021

Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

We rely on fair dealing and an approach to customers, business partners, employees, and co-workers, with whom we develop long-term and promising relationships. All our steps, activities and financial transactions are transparent.

We try to build attractive and pleasant places to live. We prepare and carefully select all projects, materials, and technologies with regard to the environment. We located the company's headquarters and offices in the FIVE building in Smíchov, which received the LEED Platinum certificate. Logport projects will be certified by the two highest levels of BREEAM certification - Excellent and Outstanding.

We try to make the time spent in the office as pleasant as possible for the employees and employees of the EBM Group with an inspiring environment, human approach, and support for education, so that their work fills them, and they are eager to embark on other great projects that we are preparing. Through joint team activities, we support a healthy spirit and good relationships across the group. 

We support meaningful socially responsible projects, including the non-profit organization Black Horses and the Firefly Run, and we buy products from sheltered workshops.