Martina, we keep our fingers crossed

Martina, we keep our fingers crossed

08. 02. 2022

EBM is not only a group of development professionals but also enthusiastic athletes and skiers. That is why we have supported the Czech slalom skier Martina Dubovská for the second season, who will stand at the start of the women's slalom at the Beijing Olympics tonight. Martina has been there for several days and between the preparation and concentration for the races, she found time for a short interview directly from the venue.

"We flew to Beijing from Prague on February 1st evening. The first day was also acclimatizing and the next we trained on the slopes to get used to this snow and winter -20 ° Celsius."

How were the preparations and how do you feel?
"I think the preparations went according to plan, so I feel fine."

Will Beijing be anything different from regular races?
"For me, every race is completely different and this Olympic slalom, which is once every 4 years and I will actually ride "only" two rides, is more special. But I'm really looking forward to it."

Do pandemic or security measures affect you? Will you be able to get to know places other than the racecourse and the Olympic Village?
"No, no. We're in a bubble and there are sci-fi Chinese everywhere in spacesuits. I feel like I'm in a movie: D"

What disciplines will you ride and what result will you be satisfied with?
"I only plan to go slalom and I will be happy to go two super (= fast) rides."

When are we supposed to keep our fingers crossed?
"The first round of slalom begins on February 9 at 3:15 am Czech time."

Thank you and we keep our fingers crossed the skis will take you to the podium!

Photo: Agence Zoom

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