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EBM Group

We prepare and implement unique places that improve the quality of life and the environment in which they are located and become a welcome part of it.

We add value to them in terms of timeless architecture, functionality, precise design, sensitive placement in the surrounding environment and urban infrastructure, as well as a sustainable future.

We create places that bring joy to their users and the environment.

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Residential development

Residential development

Within the group, it prepares and implements development projects mainly in residential and rental housing. For external clients, it is mainly housing for the elderly.

Commercial development

Commercial development

It prepares, builds, and operates commercial zones, in which it combines warehouse and production areas with offices and retail space for wholesale and services.



General contractor for constructions carried out both within the EBM group and for external clients from the ranks of private development companies and private investors.



Out of enthusiasm and a desire to create a top company, the first of the group's companies focused on providing design services to external clients was established in 1998. The entrepreneurial instinct, passion and diligence of father and son became the cornerstones of success and led to the establishment of other companies, which expanded the group's activities to include development, construction and real estate.

The group did not waste the opportunity, followed up on the successful implementation of housing centres for the elderly and became a respected player bringing sophisticated value-added projects to the market. It has focused significantly on residential and commercial development and is moving towards large urban projects. It remains in family's hands.

strength and synergy background

„The basic pillar of our success is the functioning synergies between the team of professionals sharing the same values.“

Ľubomír Vais
Founder and Owner of the EBM Group