LakePark Residence

Apartment house by the Mácha Lake

Award-winning apartment house for recreation

On the shore of Mácha lake, in the heart of a romantic region surrounded by beautiful nature, we completed a holiday apartment house in 2018.

The architectural solution is contemporary and, together with the rational design of the interior spaces, corresponds to current standards and housing requirements. Due to the unique natural qualities of the surroundings of the apartment house, it is an ideal type of recreational living associated with an active lifestyle for its users.

The project received the two highest awards in the Building of the Year of the Liberec Region 2018 competition - 1st place in the category of residential buildings and civil amenities buildings, as well as the main prize Doc. Ing. architect Karel Hubáček. In 2016, the project was awarded the Architects' Award in the Realitní projekt 2016 show. In the prestigious Best of Realty - Best of Real Estate 2018 competition, the project won 2nd place in the Small-scale Residential Projects category. Last but not least, in 2018 the project was a participant in the XXV. of the Grand Prix of Architects - National Prize for Architecture.


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location Staré Splavy

Characteristic apartment building

phase Completed

move in date 2018

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