Rezidence Engerth Co-op studio 1.1.7





floor area:

34,80 m2

usable area:

32,99 m2

Co-op studio 1.1.7
Co-op studio 1.1.7
Co-op studio 1.1.7
Co-op studio 1.1.7

More about cooperative financing

When acquiring a cooperative apartment, you must have 25% of the property price available. In this case, there is no need for a mortgage loan for the rest of the price, because the loan is taken by the cooperative itself, to which you gradually repay for your cooperative share.

The biggest advantage is that you do not have to prove creditworthiness to the same extent as for a mortgage loan and you can get a co-operative flat at any age. In addition, as a member of a co-operative you have the advantage of being able to spread the repayments over up to 35 years. This flexibility leads to significantly more affordable monthly repayments compared to offers on the market.

    area (m2)
7.01 Lobby 4,5
7.02 Bathroom 4,5
7.03 Living room, Kitchen corner 23,9
7.04 Terrace 8,0
7.05 Front garden 16,2
Co-op studio 1.1.7