Divestment of the Stromovka Kladno project

Divestment of the Stromovka Kladno project

18. 03. 2024

EBM Group is pleased to announce that an agreement has been reached for the sale of the Stromovka Kladno development project to Natland Investment Group. This move represents a strategic shift in the future development of the project and also demonstrates the strength and sustainability of our business.

Stromovka Kladno, as an ambitious residential project, will become part of Natland's portfolio thanks to the recent transaction, which includes not only the project itself, but also the adjacent land near the newly reconstructed main railway station in the city. This acquisition underlines Natland's commitment to development and investment in key areas of urban development.

"Kladno is a matter of the heart for us and its development is essential. It is also for this reason that we now want to concentrate fully on our next project, the Engerth Residence, which we plan to start construction in mid-2024. As we see the Natland Group as a strong player in the real estate market, it was a suitable partner for the already launched Stromovka to successfully complete it.

I would also like to add that EBM will continue to be involved in the permitting of the project in its role as lead project manager." comments Jan Šulc, EBM's Managing Director.


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